Start A Cleaning & Janitorial Business

Have you ever wanted to own your own
Cleaning & Janitorial Business?

Our business program will show you how to start and expand your business, develop your services, build your customer list, estimate your prices, and grow your business to the point of needing additional employees.

Our business program answers practically all your questions about starting and growing a Cleaning & Janitorial business. The program includes a series of business training manuals, a business toolkit, and a series of estimating software to help.

Read below to see all that is included:

Manual #1 Business Startup Guidebook: Starting your business does not have to be tedious nor time consuming. Why should you spin your wheels and waste days trying to learn what you need to get your business started? This manual contains your business startup strategy in a quick, easy-to-understand, format. From licenses, permits, tax strategies, services development, and pricing guidance our Quick-Startup guidebook will get you on the right path from the very first day.

Also included in Manual #1 is an outstanding tutorial of work practices. Learn how to perform your services quickly and effectively. Leave professional results and your customers will tell everyone they know. We are big believers in doing your jobs professionally and quickly. Once you learn this combination of professional and efficient work strategies, you profit potential is virtually unlimited.

Manual #2 Product Development Guidebook: If there is one thing we have learned in business, it is that you should offer just a few services that will make you the most money. Too many businesses fail because they try to offer their customers too many services. We will show you how to focus on a primary core number of services. Focus on these and your business will explode with repeat customers. We not only show you what these services are but we also show you how to price your services so you can maximize your profit.

Manual #3 Marketing & Advertising Guidebook: Advertising a new business is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a business. To be honest, we made many advertising mistakes early in our business. Luckily, we learned early what works and what doesn’t. With our Marketing & Advertising Guidebook, you will be laser-focused on the types of advertising that will provide the best bang for your buck. In fact, many of the advertising venues we cover provide FREE ADVERTISING. We teach you how to BUILD A BUZZ about your business and let free advertising and word-of-mouth advertising work in your favor. Learning how to advertise your business correctly is well worth the entire cost of our business program.

Manual #4 Forms, Worksheets, and Checklists: Every successful business we have been associated with has forms, worksheets, and checklists that keep the business running smoothly. Sometimes, something as simple as a “daily work schedule” is all that is needed to keep you on track. Other days you will need inventory control sheets, vehicle maintenance checklists, purchasing requisition forms, and even occurrence logs will help you document unusual instances in your business. We have put together a tremendous series of forms, worksheets, and checklists for you to use in your business.

Manual #5 Equipment Supplies & Sources: Do you think finding trustworthy supplies is a frustrating task? Well, we do too. That is why we are including a list of outlets and suppliers that we think will greatly reduce your legwork in finding chemicals, supplies, and equipment.

Business Toolkit: The business toolkit a very handy section of our program that will really push your business over-the-top. We include a huge number of customizable business letters, bidding forms, invoice examples, customer notifications, and contract requests. We even include a few very handy customer agreement (contracts) examples. A signed contract will greatly help you avoid unnecessary problems if a customer decides not to pay you.

Estimating software: Pricing your jobs is probably the hardest task you will face when you are starting your business and building your client list. Our estimating software is included within the business program and it will GREATLY help you determine how much to charge your customers. The scalability of this estimating software means it will help you price small jobs and it will also help you price large scale contracts.

Please Note: This Cleaning & Janitorial Business program is an actual product that is shipped to you via USPS. This is NOT some cheap email download that will only take you 5 minutes to read. We have put a tremendous amount of effort into this program and we believe it will GREATLY help you start your own Cleaning & Janitorial Business. The entire program will be mailed to you on EASY-TO-USE CD Software. Just put it in your computer and it starts right up.

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